Do you accept insurance?

I participate in only a few health insurance plans as an in-network provider, which allows me to see fewer patients, spend more time with each patient, and eliminate most excess paperwork, thereby delivering higher quality health care. On all others, I am an out-of-network provider and I will be happy to provide the necessary paperwork and documentation for patients to obtain reimbursement from their insurance companies.

  1. What is Psychotherapy?
  2. When is it time to see a therapist?
  3. How long will psychotherapy take?
  4. Are our sessions confidential?
  5. What type of therapy and/or counseling do you provide?
  6. How much will psychotherapy cost?
  7. How do I make an appointment?
  8. Where are you located?
  9. Do I have to come to sessions weekly?
  10. How long is each session?
  11. Is there a free initial consultation?
  12. Do you accept insurance?